Division of Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies (TE&CS)

The division of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies allows educators to respond effectively to the diversity and complexity of the changing classrooms and educational environments of tomorrow. Degrees from TE&CS are for teachers and other professional educators who want to enhance their knowledge base for application in the classroom and increase PreK-12 and adult student learning as well as for individuals outside of education who engage in such things as training and development of training modules. The curriculum allows students to engage in conversations about important teaching/learning issues, enhance their understanding of educational practice, and become true leaders in their professions.

To meet the demands of most professional work schedules, all courses are offered in the evenings and online, or on weekends. Students can choose an emphasis area and tailor coursework to their specific needs and interests.


Based on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, programs are aimed at enhancing the knowledge, skills and dispositions of teachers in the areas of:

  • commitment to all students and their learning
  • knowledge of content fields and the links among content fields
  • ability to make content meaningful to learners
  • knowledge and ability to manage and monitor student learning
  • commitment to systematic reflection and professional growth
  • participation in learning communities


3.0 Undergraduate GPA