Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction

Degree Overview

The Ed.S. builds on the M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction and is focused on the theme of “Transformative Leadership.” The degree is designed for educators who want to assume positions in instructional leadership and requires coursework in four major areas:

  • Curriculum Theory
  • Diverse Learners
  • Becoming a Learning Leader
  • Transforming Practice

Most applicants will hold a degree in an area related to the field of education, however, additional coursework in a specialty area (i.e. math education) may be required. Additional requirements would depend upon the candidate’s background, previous coursework, and anticipated role in an educational setting.


This program is designed to further enhance the skills and knowledge necessary to collaborate with other educators and lead in the development of learning opportunities which:

  • Promote the learning, growth and development of all students, valuing the differences which diverse learners bring to the school experience
  • Demonstrate understanding of how knowledge is created, organized and linked to other disciplines;
  • Convey subjects to diverse learners through multiple pathways;
  • Equitably manage and monitor student learning;
  • Promote reflective teaching and decision-making;
  • Encourage the development of learning communities which include education professionals, parents and communities.

Requirements (must meet 2 of the 3)

  • Master Degree w/ 3.25 GPA
  • 2 years teaching experience
  • GRE score-155 verbal component