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The School of Education (SOE) is focused on being a national leader in preparing exemplary teachers for urban school settings and we want the best candidate who can share in our commitment to make a positive impact in the lives of all children.

Through diverse and meaningful experiences in our nine partner school districts, you’ll develop your own teaching style and learn techniques that will help you be a great teacher. We believe if you can experience a diverse setting – including racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic – you can work in any setting and meet your students’ needs. We offer nine degree programs with more than 30 certification options for future teachers.Let us help you find the right one!

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Urban – Urban is meant to suggest relevance for communities characterized by human resilience, human agency, and cultural and linguistic diversity. In addition, urban suggests population density, extremes of socio-economic status, mobility, and immigration. it could include inequitable conditions around education, housing, employment, healthcare, technology, safety, and access to other needed resources (adapted from Parish, 1997; University of Southern California, Rossier School).

Urban Education – The School of Education embraces the theoretical and pedagogical ideals of cultural relevance in urban schools. We recognize the unique characteristics of urban communities and engage in actions that promote human growth and development through teaching and learning.