UMKC Sponsored Charter School News

Two UMKC Sponsored Charted Schools Receive CSP Grant Awards

Academy for Integrated Arts (AFIA) uses the arts to prepare students for an admissions-based college preparatory secondary school.The arts will serve as a catalyst for learning, achievement, curiosity and self-esteem.

Students will be able to create and actively express a deeper meaning of subject matter content through using visual arts as well as music, dance and dramatization.

Learning through the arts enlivens instruction, increases student involvement and strengthens both memory and meaning. Students will demonstrate depth of knowledge in their ability to design, connect, apply concepts, analyze, create and critique.

AFIA currently serves Kindergarten through 5th grade.

DeLaSalle is a tuition-free, charter high school in Kansas City, Missouri, that serves students between the ages of 14 and 20 years old who need an alternative to the traditional school. They are one of the only high schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area that provides alternative education and behavioral health services onsite, giving students critical and ready access to the help they need.

Since 1971, DeLaSalle has provided that alternative to the traditional high school setting, offering personalized education, holistic services, and workforce development through experiential learning to help their students focus on their possibilities, not their obstacles.

Both Academy for Integrated Arts and DeLaSalle have received Charter School Program (CSP) Grants. The CSP provides funding to create new high-quality public charter schools, as well as to disseminate information about ones with a proven track record. Federal funds are also available to replicate and expand successful schools; help charter schools find suitable facilities; reward high-quality charter schools that form exemplary collaborations with the non-chartered public school sector; and invest in national activities and initiatives that support charter schools. Collectively we expect these efforts to increase public understanding of what charter schools can contribute to American education. Click here to find out more about the CSP grant. Click here to view all of the 2015-16 Missouri CSP grant recipients.