ChIST Application FAQs

Do I have to fill out an application?
Did you receive my application materials?
How do I go about submitting my cover letter, resume, teaching philosophy?
What happens after I submit my application and resume in the system?
You've received my application materials. Is there any additional information I can provide?
When are they going to start interviewing for the position I applied for?
How soon do they need someone to start for the position I applied for?
Who can I contact to check on the status of my application? I'd like to know where I am in the process.
How soon can I expect to hear something about the position I applied for?
The position I applied for is no longer on the posting or web site. Has it been filled?
A position I applied for has been filled; will you keep me in mind for other positions I may be qualified for?
Do you keep resumes/applications on file?
Will you contact me if my application is incomplete?