Enrolling for graduate credit for PBS Teacherline

University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Education Continuing and Professional Education

is a national provider of graduate credit for the

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Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) TeacherLine

Online professional development courses for PreK-12 teachers in the following areas: Science, Math, Instructional technology, Instructional strategies, Reading, and Language arts.

All at PreK, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grade levels, these courses are a great way for educators to increase their understanding and knowledge of a topic to later transfer to the classroom!

Courses for College Credits*

PBS TeacherLine courses use the following conversions:

15-hour PBS = 1 credit

30-hour PBS = 2 credits

45-hour PBS = 3 credits

*Please note: All PBS courses under 12.5 hours are not eligible for credit.

Cost = PBS TeacherLine costs + $125 per credit*

1 credit = $125 + costs; 2 credits = $250 + costs; 3 credits = $375 + costs, etc.

*Please note: No tuition refunds for PBS TeacherLine courses.

To Receive UMKC College Credit:*

  • Enroll directly through PBS TeacherLine (view course options through the PBS course catalog and follow the University of Missouri- Kansas City graduate credit link (which will return to this webpage).
  • Once first step is complete and course begins, students have the option to complete the UMKC  registration form to gain graduate college credit during the UMKC semester that course is held.  Complete the enrollment form below and email it along with statement of financial responsibility (see Resources on right or include a “signature” statement in your email with a copy of the statement of financial responsibility attached to it.  The “signature” statement should read:

Please accept this email as my electronic signature confirming that I, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, have reviewed, understand, and agree to the terms of the attached UMKC Statement of Financial Responsibility.  I am currently unable to provide a signed copy of the document.  My UMKC ID # OR Last four of my SSN are XXXXXXX

to umkc-continuinge@umkc.edu

Indicate on your form the semester, and number of credit hours for PBS you are taking.  Include on the enrollment form which PBS course you are getting credit for (i.e. TECH145.105, etc.).  We need that information in order to obtain a grade for you.

Enrollment form

  • Upon completion of course, PBS will send final grades to UMKC to be posted on transcripts under the course name: EDUC 489 Q: Special Topics- PBS TeacherLine.  Students can print a certificate s/he will recieve from PBS that states the specific title of the completed course as the title will not appear on UMKC transcripts.
  • Remember we need an enrollment form and a statement of financial responsibility signed (or an email statement signature (see above) with the statement of financial responsibility document attached) in order to enroll you for credit.

*Please note: Students will be billed by both PBS and UMKC separately.