MA School Counseling

In addition to high-quality faculty, this selective program has one of the most extensive practicum/internship training programs in the region. This intense field experience blends classroom knowledge and consultation with hands-on supervised preparation.


The program will make you:

  • Eligible for certification in both K-8 (elementary) and 7-12 (secondary) school counseling as part of one degree program
  • Prepared academically, demonstrated each year by our students’ 100 percent pass rate on the Missouri School Counseling Content and Performance assessment, the evaluations of site supervisors in school placements and students’ job placements after graduation
  • Prepared to work with diverse urban populations in the 21st century

MA in School Counseling will be programs official title beginning Fall 2017


Starting Spring 2017 the Continuing and Professional Education office will offer the following courses off-campus:

  • Spring 2017: EDCP 5900 Introduction to Professional Counseling (Course may be take prior to admission)
  • Summer 2017: EDCP 5953 Ethics & Professional Issues in Counseling
  • Fall 2017 2017: EDCP 5905 Career Development I


Full program of study listed below


*CPCE 5500 Introduction to Professional Counseling (3 credits)
CPCE 5505 Career Development I (3 credits)
CPCE 5515 Assessment Methods in Professional Counseling (3 credits)
CPCE 5520 Theories of Counseling (3 credits)
CPCE 5530 Methods of Counseling (3 credits)
CPCE 5531 Counseling Practicum I (Field Experience and Class) (3 credits)
CPCE 5532 Counseling Practicum II (Field Experience and Class (3 credits)
CPCE 5540 Theories and Methods of Group Counseling (3 credits)
CPCE 5551 Counseling in a Pluralistic Society (3 credits)
CPCE 5553 Ethics and Professional Issues in Counseling (3 credits)
CPCE 5575A Internship (Field Experience and Class) (3 credits)
CPCE 5575B Internship (Field Experience and Class (3 credits)
*EDRP 5508 Principles and Methods of Research (3 credits)



CPCE 5502 Foundations Elementary & Secondary Guidance (3 credits)
CPCE 5504 School Guidance Programs (3 credits)



*EDRP 5510 Child Behavior and Development (Elementary/All Level) (3 credits)


*EDRP 5512 Adolescent Development and the School (Secondary/All Level) (3 credits)


*EDRP 5513 Lifespan Human Development (K-12) (3 credits)



*TE 5504 Education of the Exceptional Child and Youth (Many teachers have already had this course; you DO NOT need to retake it) (3 credits)
CPCE 5550 Organization & Administration of Counseling Programs- Weekend (3 credits)



*Courses may be taken prior to admission