PBS Teacherline for graduate credit

UMKC School of Education Divison of Continuing and Professional Education, in conjunction with Public Broadcasting Service, is a national graduate credit provider for PBS Teacherline

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PBS TeacherLine offers online, high quality, standards-based courses offering teachers and educators flexible and enjoyable professional development opportunities. PBS provides the coursework, we provide the graduate credit, and educators gain practical strategies and resources for the classroom.

PBS Teacherline offers PreK-12 coursework in the following areas:

  • Science
  • Math
  • Instructional Technology
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Reading and Language Arts.

There are over 130 courses plus PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection, a professional development tool for instructional coaches. One-, two-, and three-credit hour classes are available for 15-, 30-, and 45-contact hours, respectively. Courses start throughout the calendar year. Check the PBS course catalog for course availability and prices. An additional charge is required for graduate credit (currently $140 per credit hour). For more information, check out the resource links on the right of this page.  Once you sign up for the PBS class, you have the option within the class to sign up for credit.

Courses for College Credits*

PBS TeacherLine courses use the following conversions:

  • 15-hour PBS = 1 credit
  • 30-hour PBS = 2 credits
  • 45-hour PBS = 3 credits

*Please note: All PBS courses under 15 hours are not eligible for credit.

Cost = PBS TeacherLine costs + $125 + Online Fee ($15) =$140 per credit (2015-2016)

Please note: No tuition refunds for PBS TeacherLine courses.

To Receive UMKC College Credit:*

Verify your state eligibility to take credit at the University of Missouri – Kansas City by clicking here or by going to the html link provided: http://online.umkc.edu/state-authorization/.  After verifying your eligibility please continue on to complete enrollment.

  • Only approved PBS courses that meet university requirements are available for graduate credit. No self-paced courses are available for graduate credit.   Please contact our office for course availability at 816-235-1188.
  • Enroll directly through PBS TeacherLine (view course options through the PBS course catalog and follow the University of Missouri- Kansas City procedures below:
  1. To enroll, please go to the CPE digital enrollment page:  CPE Enrollment Form
  2. Check the box next to relevant CPE topic courses,
  3. Check the box under the table,
  4. Complete the remainder of the application and submit.
  5. Student Financial Responsibility form (bottom of application) will automatically pop-up. Each student must complete and submit this to enable enrolling in the UMKC system. (If the student opts out, the enrollment will be placed on hold until it is submitted.)
  6. Students will receive a confirmation statement and information sheet for their records.
  7. Note: Students will be billed by the UMKC Cashier’s office to their individual UMKC email accounts.
  • Upon completion of course, PBS will send final grades to UMKC to be posted on transcripts under the course name: EDUC 489 Q: Special Topics- PBS TeacherLine.  Students can print a certificate s/he will receive from PBS that states the specific title of the completed course as the title will not appear on UMKC transcripts.

*Please note: Students will be billed by both PBS and UMKC separately.

Learn more about UMKC Online by visiting online.umkc.edu

Each state has different regulations and approval processes for online programs and degrees offered by colleges and universities outside their state. Please check the State Authorization page for more information.