Science Pioneers

Teacherline for graduate credit

Science Pioneers’ Teacherline offers teachers, educators and after school providers two ways to complete high quality, standards-based courses through our fun and flexible professional development opportunities. Science Pioneers provides the coursework, UMKC provides the graduate credit and educators gain practical strategies, content and resources for the classroom. Educators can take online courses throughout the year or take face-to-face courses (that are four-hours in length) at Union Station in Kansas City.

Science Pioneers Teacherline offers PreK-12 coursework in the following areas:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Instructional Strategies
  • NGSS

Check the Science Pioneers website at  for information on upcoming courses.

Each Fall and Spring face-to-face workshops are offered, which last 4.25 hours.  Teachers must take four workshops of their choice throughout the year and create an original lesson plan for each workshop (for a total of 4) to earn one graduate credit hour.  8 workshops would count as 2 credit hours, and 12 workshops would count as 3 credit hours.  After completion of workshops, you may enroll in the appropriate credit through UMKC (step by step directions below).

During the Summer online courses are offered.  Each course lasts for one month and is composed of online readings, tutorials, discussion, videos, webquests, and a variety of other resources. To receive one graduate credit, students are engaged in 45 hours of instruction (15 instructor directed, and 30 self-study hours).  Follow the step by step directions below to enroll for graduate credit.

A face-to-face workshop or online course costs $45 each and is payable to Science Pioneers. If you would like graduate credit, an additional $70/credit hour will be due to UMKC (online courses have an addition $30 fee). For more information, please visit the resource links on the right side of this page. Once you enroll in the Science Pioneers course, you have the option within the course to sign up for credit.

Courses for College Credit*

Cost = Science Pioneers Teacherline cost ($45) + $70 UMKC cost/hour = $115/graduate credit hour (+ $30 for courses online)

Please note: There are no refunds for Science Pioneers Teacherline courses.

To Receive UMKC Graduate Credit:*

Step 1: Enroll directly through Science Pioneers to view course options at and follow the University of Missouri-Kansas City graduate credit link.

Step 2: Apply to the University as a Community Student via the Admissions page.  (if taking the course online, verify your state eligibility to take credit at the University of Missouri – Kansas City by clicking here or by going to the html link provided: .)

Step 3: After you are admitted, you may enroll  in the Science Pioneer Explore STEM course via Pathway.  For detailed enrollment directions, see the PGC Course Enrollment Directions under Resources.


Upon completion of the course, Science Pioneers will send final grades to UMKC to be posted on transcripts under the name: EDCP Science Pioneers Explore STEM.

 *Please note: Students will be billed by both Science Pioneers and UMKC separately.