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***Any enrollment or course questions call 816-235-1188.  Any technical questions call IS Help at 816-235-2000.

Must I be admitted to UMKC to take continuing education courses?

Yes! As a Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) student you need to be admitted into UMKC. Please click here to get started! Continuing and Professional Education students will apply and enroll in courses through the online enrollment form

What about fees?

A course fee is listed with each course. School District partnership courses have a reduced fee while regular CE classes have the regular university graduate fee. Enrollment in an on-campus course where a facility fee is assessed entitles you to full use of the Swinney Recreation Center’s pool, gym, running track, fitness room and basketball, handball and racquetball courses for the session in which you’re enrolled. The University reserves the right to change fees without notice.

How do I pay fees?

You will be billed for your fees by the Cashier’s Office. Once you are enrolled you can pay anytime. To pay, visit . Call the Cashier’s Office with payment questions at 816-235-1365. UMKC accepts MasterCard and Discover only if paying by credit card for fee payment.

Do out-of-state students pay more?

Nonresident tuition is due only if you enroll in more than three hours during summer or more than six hours for fall, winter or intersessions. There is a Metro Rate for certain Kansas counties. Check with Cashiers on which counties are included. Also, UMKC waives the fee for those who pay Missouri income tax. (Provide your most recent Missouri tax return and W-2 form with your registration.) International students on student visas (F-1 and J-1 status) are not eligible for the nonresident fee waiver through the Missouri Taxpayer Scholarship. It is the student’s responsibility to furnish this information to the Cashier’s Office.

Call the Cashier’s Office for further information at (816) 235-1365.

If I have a degree, do I pay undergraduate or graduate tuition?

Students with a bachelor’s degree pay graduate tuition for all coursework. Courses numbered at the 400- level may be taken by undergraduate or graduate students, while 500- level courses and above may be taken only by students with a degree.

Do continuing education credit courses appear on my transcript?

Yes. When you complete a continuing education credit course, it will appear on your official transcript under the title Special Topics. Please keep your syllabus if you need more detailed information regarding the class for re-certification purposes, etc.

To request a transcript, make your request in person at the Records Office, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Administrative Center, 5115 Oak; or in writing to: Transcript Request, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Administrative Center, 5100 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110. There is a fee for transcripts.

For more information, contact the UMKC Transcripts Office at 816-235-1125.

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Can the courses be used on graduate degree programs?

You can apply courses to an advanced degree program if:

1. You are formally admitted to UMKC, and

2. You have received approval from your faculty adviser to include the course(s) in your program of study.

How do I get information on admission to the graduate program?

Enrolling in a graduate-level course through the Continuing Education Division does not ensure your admission to the graduate program. Application for admission to UMKC is available in the Student Services Office in the School of Education, Room 129.

For application or degree program information, call Student Services, (816) 235-2234.

When will I get my grades?

Students are assigned UMKC sign-ons and passwords to access the Pathway system. Students can access grades shortly after the end of the semester (see UMKC Calendar for specific dates). UMKC no longer mails grades to students.

Grade access on the Web is available at Call Registration for more information at (816) 235-1125. Ask about grade access. Call (816) 235-1122 for transcript information.

What about dropping a class?

If the drop occurs before the first class meeting, you’ll get a full refund except for ASCD classes. To drop a course please notify Continuing Education in writing.

There are no refunds for withdrawals once the course has begun for continuing education classes lasting fewer than three days. If the class is 3 days or longer, refunds are based on the amount of time left in the course. If the course has ended, no refunds are given. If you are given a login for an ASCD class, no refunds are given once a login is created (usually one week before the course begins). There are no refunds for PBS Teacherline classes. There is a 30 day limitation from the end of a semester to withdraw from that semester’s course. After that, you cannot be withdrawn retroactively from a course. You are still responsible for your fees in any event.

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Where can I find information on teacher certification?

  • UMKC School of Education, Student Services Office, (816) 235-2234
  • Missouri State Department of Education, P.O. Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102, (573) 751-3847
  • Kansas State Department of Education, 120 E. 10th St., Topeka, KS 66612, (785) 296-2288

Course Enrollment Requirement and Course Cancellation

Continuing Education at the UMKC School of Education is 100% fee supported and receives no University or state-appropriated funding. UMKC reserves the right to cancel courses because of insufficient enrollment. If a cancellation decision is made, students are notified approximately one week before class is scheduled to begin.

Forms and Process for Exceptions

Course enrollment is done electronically only by clicking on the Enrollment Link. No paper forms are accepted. You will complete an online enrollment form, enroll in courses and submit the STUDENT FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (SFR) form [sidebar].

Save for Your Records (Students)

The Save for Your Records document contains campus wide information.

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Contact List for UMKC Administrative Offices

Registrar & Records:
Phone: 816-235-1125 Fax: 816-235-5513
Physical Address: 115 Administrative Center 5115 Oak St. Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

Cashiers & Collections Office:
Phone: 816-235-1365
Physical Address: 112 Administrative Center 5115 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO  64110

Financial Aid:
Phone: 816-235-1154 Fax: 816-235-5511
Physical Address: 101 Administrative Center 5115 Oak St. Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

UMKC Charter School Center:
Phone: 816-235-6376 Fax: 816-235-6345
Physical Address: 5306 Holmes Street Kansas City, MO 64110

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