Teaching Middle School English Language Arts (ELA) Online Graduate Concentration

The graduate concentration is designed for practicing middle school English Language Arts (ELA) teachers. The aim of the concentration is to aid teachers in acquiring or expanding their expertise in teaching literacy skills to adolescents.  This concentration offers an adaptable curriculum that will meet the needs of teachers working in a variety of middle school language arts contexts.

All four courses are 8 weeks, and online asynchronous (OA).


Summer 2017

EDCP 5724 Advanced Methods of Teaching English Language Arts for Grades 5-9 (3 hours)
EDCP 5727 The Craft of Writing (3 hours)

Fall 2017

EDCP 5726 The Craft of Reading (3 hours)

Spring 2018  

EDCP 5728 Teaching Nonfiction Texts for Grades 5-9 (3 hours)