Faculty and Staff

The University of Missouri-Kansas City is an equal opportunity institution. All faculty/staff are educated and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Most co-teachers hold a Bachelors degree in early childhood education / child development or a related field. Many teachers have or are working towards a Master’s degree. Typically our part-time employees are composed of students attending UMKC or area colleges. Teacher Assistants have at least a high school diploma. The non-teaching staff is comprised of a Director, Assistant Director, Classroom Instructional Specialist, Cook and Senior Secretary. In order to provide the best possible education for children all faculty and staff members continue with professional development opportunities. Missouri State Licensing requires each faculty/staff member to participate in 12 early childhood in-service hours a year.

Professional development is critical to the quality of our program. To support our teacher’s professional development, Berkley closes for regular business the second Friday of each month for Professional Development Day (PDD). The purpose for PDD is to continually increase the knowledge of our teachers through on-going teacher education. PDD focuses on long-term growth of our teachers which improves the quality of the experience of the children in our care. Our goal is to provide teachers with opportunities to improve their individual teaching abilities and help move each teacher to his or her next level of professional competence.