About Berkley-Types of Program

The Berkley CFDC operates a full-day, full-year early childhood school affiliated with UMKC School of Education. Berkley serves 32 infant toddlers, 52 preschool children year round and 25 school age children during the summer months. Although children may stay for 10 hours a day, the Berkley teachers and administration recommend a 9-hour day maximum for all children, especially for infants and toddlers.

Infant Program

The infant program is designed for infants 3 months to 15 months. Our goal is to provide a warm and nurturing relationship between your child and your child’s teacher. As infants enroll in the program they will go through a slow transition/orientation process, over a 2-5 week period, into Berkley. This slow transition period will allow teachers, family members, and children an opportunity to become better acquainted. Teachers will focus on building respectful, trusting, and intimate relationships with the families in their classroom.

Toddler Program

The toddler program is designed to meet the needs of toddlers between 15 months and 36 months. A nurturing atmosphere where self-help skills are being developed is one of the main emphases for the toddler program. Teachers focus on trust and building relationships. The children have opportunities for exploration and problem solving, understanding and communicating with other children, and movement/coordination.

Young Pre-primary Program

The pre-primary program is designed for two and three-year-olds. Children of this age learn best by experiencing their environment through their senses, physical activity, and social interactions with other children. Children develop feelings of competence and trust through positive interactions with adults and peers. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are core values.

Pre-primary Program

This program is designed for children three, four, and five years old. Major emphasis is placed on language/literacy, mathematical skills, scientific thinking, personal/social skills and movement. Children engage in active learning composed of personal, hands-on experiences. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are core values. As with the other programs, children are engaged in carefully planned play activities that set the stage for life-long learning.