Family Involvement Program


The Berkley Child and Family Development Center strives to create a community /neighborhood focused on the importance of relationships between our families and staff. We view Berkley as a place for families, where we will all grow and develop together. We strive to nurture a culture of respect and trust; where the children and adults experience a sense of connection and new possibilities.


The Berkley Family Involvement Program, Inc., or FIP, focuses on advancing and promoting the educational experience of young children, their parents, teachers and community. Parents are encouraged to participate in Family Involvement opportunities, which we consider more than just a Parent Teacher Organization.


FIP’s main purpose is to advance and promote the educational experience of young children and their parents. FIP is also dedicated to supporting teachers and staff at Berkley. Parents are encouraged to participate in Family Involvement opportunities. The following are existing committees on which a parent/guardian can serve: FIP meets monthly to discuss the fundraising, community events and education programs that are provided by the involved Parents, Teachers, and Community to support our children.


FIP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation of the UMKC community which enables it to support the Berkley CFDC and the children on its own. There are annual elections for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and anyone may place themselves into nomination for an active roll in FIP.


There are also many special positions or committees allowing for participation in FIP. For details on positions and committees please refer to the parent handbook, page 32.


FIP invites all families and staff to attend and give input during the monthly meetings, or to send comments to the Room Reps or Board for sharing. The FIP stands as an independent non-profit organization with a board of directors. Although FIP is a separate organization, it shares a vision and supports the Berkley CFD