Counseling psychology doctoral student featured on KCUR

Mr. Saed Hill, a Ph.D. candidate in counseling psychology at the UMKC School of Education and a sex educator for Planned Parenthood and a number of school districts in the Kansas City metropolitan area, was one the panelists for KCUR’s (89.3 FM) Central Standard program on February 24. The discussion “Un-Seen and Un-Known” extended beyond the hows and whys of sex education to the importance of open communication, healthy and trusting relationships, and the concepts of consent and sexuality. Underlying the conversation was the idea that all sex education must be developmentally appropriate and medically accurate.


The program also discussed whether knowledge itself can be harmful and whether something that’s seen and learned — especially when it comes to sex education — can be un-seen and un-known. Listen to the podcast in its entirety.