December 6th Lunch and Learn

Please join us on December 6th from 12 Noon to 1:30 p.m. in room 307 for an SOE “Lunch and Learn” with Dr. Etta Hollins, Dr. Kindel Nash, and Ms. Leah Panther.


The purpose of this Lunch and Learn is  for Drs. Hollins and Nash and Ms. Panther to share their evolving conceptual model of high leverage literacy practices in high-performing urban school settings based on the data they have collected through their Spencer Foundation grant.  Most importantly, they look forward to talking through some of their initial interpretations of the data and receiving feedback in conversation with you.


Lunch will be provided by the Dean’s office if at least 20 people attend, so please RSVP.  All are welcome, including graduate students!

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