Enrollment open for Early Childhood Workshop Series for practicing educators

255A3006In conjunction with the Edgar L. and Rheta A. Berkley Child and Family Development Center, the UMKC School of Education’s Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) will offer a continuing education workshops series in Early Childhood. Three courses will be offered in 2016, one each in May, June and July. Register for one or choose all three!


The courses:

A Place for Children: Early Childhood Learning the Great Outdoors – May 12, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Presenter: Becky West


The natural world was once a young child’s primary play area, and in the great outdoors, children thrived. Their muscles grew strong from the natural challenges posed by roots, limbs, rocks, grass, and hills. Their senses were fine-tuned by the constant variations of plant essences, wind, sun, water, and the touch of a million different natural elements. As the world has grown more hurried…and feels less safe, many children have lost their connection with the natural world and as teachers, we see and feel the loss.  It’s time to change that equation and return some of what we’ve lost to our children.  As teachers, we are in the perfect place at the right time to do exactly that. So where do we begin?


Avoiding a Power Struggle with Toddlers – Using Statements vs. Questions – June 16, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Presenters: Allyssa Morrow and Jessica Newman


How do you get around the good old “No!” statement from a child? Do you find yourself trapped in power struggles in your classroom? Do you find that you have a difficult time following through with transitions and daily routines? It could be the way you’re posing the question. We’re going to work on positive language techniques instead of questioning children, learn how to give clear statements that encourage autonomy, and provide choices when appropriate.


Loosening Our Grip: Embracing a culture of “Why Not?” to Find Teachable Moments so Infants and Toddlers Can Flourish – July 7, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Presenter: Kathleen Cross


This course will encourage infant-toddler professionals to think about routine moments from the child’s perspective: Are the teacher’s aims providing the richest possible learning experiences? Also, participants will consider parts of their daily routines and transitions where they could step back and try to determine the child’s “plan”: Watching from a safe distance provides teachers the opportunity to think on the child’s goal, offer assistance if needed, and later reflect on safer ways to help the child meet that desire.  Participants will learn to create a constructivist sociomoral atmosphere with even the youngest children.


Each workshop costs $24 and CEUs are available. All courses will be held at the Berkley Center, 1012 East 52md Street, Kansas City, MO 64112. Enroll today as space is limited.