Faculty member discusses ‘what’s the matter with urban schools’ on KKFI

Professor Michele Foster, Sherman Family Endowed Chair and executive director of the UMKC School of Education’s Urban Education Research Center, was invited to speak at the weekly Forum at All Souls’ Unitarian Church this fall.  In her presentation, What’s the Matter with Urban Schools and What Can Be Done to Help Them, Foster makes the case that the “past is deeply implicated in what’s going on in public schools today”—particularly for students of color.  She provides a detailed historical framework of urban education in the United States and then shares numerous ideas to better prepare teachers who can improve student outcomes.  Among her recommendations, Foster urges educators and communities to partner on “programs to build on cultural and linguistic strengths” of all students.

The presentation has since been rebroadcast on KKFI (90.1 FM) and is available as a podcast