Faculty & Staff E-news 10.13.14

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Let me express my appreciation to the 24 faculty and Student Services staff who attended last Friday’s Accreditation Retreat at the AC which was held to provide a shared understanding of the five Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) standards and to discuss how the standards will influence our work in educator preparation.  Faculty and staff engaged in stimulating dialogue regarding the meaning of the CAEP standards, including infusion of diversity and technology throughout the standards, demonstrated evidence of successfully meeting the standards, collaborative development of clinical experiences, and program design and impact. I am excited by our momentum which will ensure that our programs promote excellence in the preparation of our candidates and align with the new CAEP standards. My thanks to the accreditation planning committee for their leadership and facilitation: Drs. Julia Atiles, Rita Barger, LaVerne Berkel, Etta Hollins, Patty McHatton, Uzziel Pecina, Jennifer Waddell; and Ms. Carol Sargent and Ms. Deb Woodard.

Please join us for a brown bag lunch with a presentation by Dr. Clare Bell on Wednesday, October 15th from 11:30-1:30 at the Urban Education Research Center’s new location in room 245 of the SOE. The presentation is “Building Bridges through Creative Practice: Transitioning to Common Core State Standards for Mathematics”. This presentation of work done with fifth-grade students in a local charter school was motivated by the mandate to transition to CCSSM in the 2012-2013school year. The mandate placed enormous demands on the teacher for understanding the new standards, planning for meeting the needs of her students, and following through on implementation of the standards. Because the standards specify greater depth of mathematical practice on a relatively narrow range of topics at each grade level and the new standards were not being phased in over time, teachers were responsible for meeting the needs of students whose experiences have not been guided by CCSSM in previous years. Brown Bag Luncheon participants will experience the processes of engaging 5th-grade students in creative project work through quilt design, see images of the students’ work, read texts from mathematical discussion, and discuss implications for mathematics education.

Please also join us this Friday for a lunch and learn regarding this fall’s Annual Enrollment. Ted Stahl and Laurie Goldstein from HR will share information about the important changes to the University’s medical plans. Please RSVP (password: benefits) as lunch will be provided.

And, another reminder that November 3rd is the deadline for Graduate Assistance Fund applications.

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