Faculty & Staff E-news 10.27.14

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It is hard to believe we are now starting the second half of the semester, and the holidays and final exams will be upon us in no time! I encourage everyone to be vigilant in encouraging students to register early for courses for second semester so that we can stem our recent tide of declining enrollment. First day of priority enrollment for Spring begins November 3rd.

The UERC open house was held last Wednesday and several of our SOE and campus colleagues attended. I thank Dr. Michele Foster for hosting a successful and lively event, which provided opportunities to meet and engage in conversations with faculty and staff in other units.

As a follow up to our accreditation retreat in October, there will be another professional development workshop following the November 21st faculty meeting (12-2 p.m. in room 307) designed to help us understand the guidelines for ‘evidence’ that CAEP has provided.  Dr. Jake Marszalek will lead a discussion based on the CAEP Evidence Guide on topics such as reliability, validity, representativeness, relevance and verifiability.   Then, Dr. Patty McHatton and Ms. Carol Sargent also will share examples of the types of evidence that other institutions have used to demonstrate that they meet the standards.  All faculty are needed to be a part of this very important discussion as it is critical that we have a shared understanding of what is needed for our Spring 2018 visit.  Lunch will be provided.  Please RSVP (password: pdsession).

We have received approval to move forward in filling the position of Director of Continuing & Professional Education, which will be vacated by Dr. Rob Leachman as of the end of the calendar year. The search committee will be co-chaired by Drs. LaVerne Berkel and Julie Collins, and will also include Dr. Phyllis Chase, and Ms. Annetta Toomey and Ms. Kimberly Young (Senior Director of Research and Institutional Programs at the Bloch School). I thank these individuals for their important service to the School.

The 42nd annual conference for the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) will be held November 19-23 at the Kansas City Convention Center, and I would like to express my congratulations and appreciation to Dr. Ed Underwood who is serving as program chair. For more information, visit http://www.nabse.org/conference/schedatglance14.html.

And, a reminder of upcoming deadlines:

October 31 – Annual Medical Enrollment

November 1 – UMKC and System-wide faculty/staff awards. For further information and nomination forms visit http://info.umkc.edu/awards/umkc-campus-awards/.

November 3 – Graduate Assistance Fund applications

November 21 – UMKC School of Graduate Studies Fellowship Applications and Research Grants.

We had a nail-biting weekend of baseball. Go Royals!