Faculty & Staff E-news 9.29.14

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Official census date information is now in, as you can see from the charts below. In most areas, UMKC has seen slight increases while the School of Education is down in both student head count and credit hours. My hope is that with the newly formed School-wide Enrollment Management Committee and everyone’s continued diligent efforts we can turn the tide for spring 2015.chart








As you have undoubtedly heard, the University of Missouri is making changes to our medical plans for 2015 and you’ll be required to select a medical plan or waive coverage during this fall’s Annual Enrollment. The University also is introducing new wellness incentive options—offering you up to $450 for taking steps to live a healthier life. Join us for a professional development session following the October 17th faculty meeting to learn about the important changes from Ted Stahl, UMKC senior benefits specialist, and Laurie Goldstein, UMKC wellness coordinator. It will be a great opportunity to get your questions answered and lunch will be provided! Please RSVP (password: benefits).

A reminder that WeaveOnline reports are due by this Wednesday, October 1st.

The SOE retreat on October 10th from 8 a.m.–1 p.m. in the Plaza, Hyde Park and Brookside Rooms in the Administrative Center will focus on assessment and accreditation. All faculty and Student Services staff are encouraged to attend as we will be discussing necessary steps to ensure that our programs meet the new CAEP standards.  Please RSVP (password: retreat) as lunch will be provided.

I hope you will all alert your women graduate students of the upcoming November 3rd deadline for Graduate Assistance Fund applications. The funds are designed to assist with the completion of requirements for graduate and first professional degrees, to help facilitate studies beyond the classroom along with enriching and encouraging educational experiences. Support is available for research activities, scholarly activities or projects, community service or presentations, workshops, research or master classes related to an applicant’s discipline or special needs requests.

As we have previously announced, Dr. Michele Foster is holding an informal open house for the Urban Education Research Center’s new offices in 245 on October 22nd from 4-6 p.m. Faculty, staff, students and community members are welcome. Stop by and learn what the UERC has been up to!

Please also help me welcome the return of Ms. Connie Fischer to her position as Office Assistant IV in the division of Curriculum and Instructional Leadership, as of October 1st.  I also wish to extend my thanks to Angie Hursig for her good work during the time she spent with us both in Student Services and CIL.

And, as previously promised, photos from this year’s Scholar Donor Luncheon are now available for viewing.

Have an awesome week!