Faculty & Staff E-news 9.8.15

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Welcome back from the long weekend!

Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer hosted a meeting at the SOE last week to discuss the results of the survey she conducted of faculty and staff and the implications of those results in helping us identify dean candidates who will be able to help us address our needs going forward. Eighteen staff members and 13 faculty responded to the survey—the results of which were presented in aggregate form by theme. My thanks to the faculty and staff who responded to the survey and to those who attended last Wednesday’s meeting. The Provost also indicated that she has named Deputy Provost Cindy Pemberton as chair of the reconstituted dean’s search committee, whose members are expected to be named mid-month.

In follow-up to the email distributed last week, let me encourage your participation in several professional development opportunities throughout September in room 307 as follows:

  • Tomorrow, September 9th from 12-1:30 on “Formative Assessment”, discussing CAEP standards and the use of rubrics and surveys. Lunch will be provided so please RSVP
  • September 15th from 12-1:30 on CAEP Standard 1. RSVP.
  • September 23rd from 3-4:30 on CAEP Standards 2-6. RSVP.
  • September 29th from 12-1:30 on CAEP Standards 2-6. RSVP.

Links to readings that will provide further context for the webinars will be provided soon. My thanks to Dr. Etta Hollins for providing the opportunity for all faculty and staff to hear firsthand what CAEP site visitors will be expecting in their review of programs.

Last Thursday, the university held a reception to recognize its 34 endowed chairs and professorships, including our own Drs. Etta Hollins and Edward Underwood, which Ms. Rachael Steele and I attended along with Drs. Hollins and Underwood. Held at Pierson Auditorium, the event was a fitting tribute to honor these great scholars for their work, research and commitment to our students.

A reminder that nominations for the Hugh J. Zimmer Award for Excellence in Urban Education will be accepted through September 30th.

And, finally, I encourage you to follow the School on Twitter and spread the word. Additionally, if you are aware of events, student accomplishments and the like which we should post to Twitter, please send the information to Assistant Dean Chris Timmerman via email.

Have a good week.