LACE Application

LACE™ application will be complete once we receive a letter of support from your superintendent. Letters may be emailed to Stephanie Prichard at


There is a $500.00 fee for each LACE™ participant. Billing will occur after the first LACE™ session in January 2017.


Personal Contact Information

First Name

Last Name

Home Street Address

City State

Zip Code

Home Phone

Cell Phone

Home Email Address

Work/School Information

Work Street Address

City State

Zip Code

Work Phone

School District

Current Position

Work Email Address

Total Years as an Educator

Total Years as a Principal

Number of Years as a principal at current school


What do you hope to gain from your experience with the Leadership Academy in Character Education?


Does your school currently have an intentional character education initiative?
(If no, skip. If yes, please describe briefly.)


What is (or will be) your role in character education in your school?
(If you are not centrally responsible, who is?)


What are the barriers (past, present and future) to implementing chatracter education in your school?


How will you arrange for your responsibilities to be covered when you are out of your building to attend the monthly meetings?


Do you have any special needs for participation in the academy?


If you have the letter of support from your superintendent you can submit it now or have them email it to

You will see a message below once the application was successfully submitted.