New report supports importance of outdoor play

A new report, compiled collaboratively by the Edgar L. and Rheta A. Berkley Child and Family Development Center and the UMKC School of Nursing and Health Sciences, explains the alarming trend toward limiting outdoor play/recess during the school day and how the act of outdoor play “is a crucial component in the growth and development of the brain, body and intellect.”


The Importance of Outdoor Play and Its Impact on Brain Development in Children provides an overview on the benefits to outdoor play and separate sections of ideas for outdoor play for different aged children (ages 3 months to school age).  A bonus is the inclusion of a list of Kansas City metropolitan area public parks. Free downloads of this report are available through the Berkley website.


Major contributors were Ms. Polly Prendergast, director of the Berkley Center; and UMKC RN-BSN students Ms. Christy Adams, Ms. Claire Donnelly, Ms. Kelly Johnson, Ms. Brooke Payne, Mr. Austin Slagle and Ms. Sara Stewart.


Since 1993, Berkley has been part of the UMKC School of Education and serves as a learning laboratory for early childhood education students.