Johanna Nilsson

Johanna NilssonAssociate Professor

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Western Michigan University (1999).

Research Interests

  • International issues and populations (e.g., international students, refugees, and immigrants), supervision, and social justice advocacy.


  • Kelly, P.J., Nilsson, J. E., & Berkel, L.A., & Co-Principal Investigator. A pilot intervention to increase women’s coping skills in family integration after deployment in combat areas. Department of Defense. Amount Awarded: $503,719. Period of Award: 2010-2013.
  • Nilsson, J. E., & Miller, S. The Empowerment Program: Domestic violence and mental health services to refugee and immigrant women. Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund, Kansas City. Amount awarded: $22,700. Period of Award: April 2011-March 2012.


  • Murdock, N., Duan, C., & Nilsson, J.E. (in press). Emerging approaches to counseling interventions: theory, research and training. The Counseling Psychologist.
  • Nilsson, J. E., Schale, C. L. & Brown-Khamphadky, S. (in press). Facilitating trainees´ multicultural competence and social justice advocacy through a refugee/immigrant mental health program. Journal of Counseling and Development.
  • Shouse, S. H., & Nilsson, J. E. (in press). Self-silencing, emotional awareness, and eating behaviors in college women. Psychology of Women Quarterly.
  • Nilsson, J. E., Marszalek, J., Linnemeyer, R., Bahner, A., & Hansen, L. (2011). Development and assessment of the Social Issues Advocacy Scale (SIAS). Educational and Psychological Measurement.
  • Duan, C., Nilsson, J. E., Wang, DC., Debarnardi, N., Klevens, C. L., & Tallent, C. (2011). A few Southeast Asian perspectives on internationalizing counseling to Southeast Asia. Counseling Psychology Quarterly.