SOE faculty to present at AERA

Sixteen UMKC School of Education faculty will be presenting at the 100th annual meeting of the American Education Research Association (AERA), to be held April 8-12 in Washington, D.C. AERA is the largest gathering of scholars of educational research, with approximately 14,000 attendees expected. It provides a showcase for work in a diverse array of fields pertaining to education; fittingly, UMKC faculty representing all three divisions (Counseling and Educational Psychology, Education Leadership, Policy, and Foundations; and Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies) are featured on the program.


Presentations featuring UMKC faculty include:

Advanced Studies of National Databases SIG Business Meeting

Carolyn Barber (UMKC)


Bringing the Light and Passing in on: Radicalizing Love and Invigorating Possibilities

Candace M. Schlein (UMKC)


Developing Narrative and Critical Lenses in Research on Intercultural Teaching

Candace M. Schlein (UMKC), Barbara Garii (SUNY – College at Oswego)


Development of the Social Issues Advocacy Scale – 2

Jacob M. Marszalek (UMKC), Carolyn E. Barber (UMKC), Johanna Nilsson (UMKC)


Embracing Cultural Heritage in Academic English Writing: Perspectives Learned From Asian Students

Yalun Zhou (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Michael Wei (UMKC), Donna Patricia Bain Butler (American University)


Enhancing Classroom Management Through Professional Development and Teacher Education

Candace M. Schlein (UMKC)


First Year of Doctoral Education in Pictures and Words: Understanding Influences on Students’ Skill Development

Stefanie Kate Benjamin (University of South Carolina – Columbia), Michelle A. Maher (UMKC), David F. Feldon (Utah State University), Josipa Roksa (University of Virginia)


Gender Inequality in Supervised Research Time: A National Study of Ph.D. Students in Biological Sciences

David F. Feldon (Utah State University), Michelle A. Maher (UMKC), James Peugh (University of Virginia), Chongning Sun (Utah State University) Josipa Roksa (University of Virginia)


Going Public: Voices of Early College Academy Students in an Urban District

Loyce E. Caruthers (UMKC), Jennifer I. Friend (UMKC), Bradley Poos (Avila College), Joseph Seabrooks (Penn Valley Community College)


Identifying Exemplary Multicultural Educators for Urban Classrooms in Diverse Democracies

Jennifer H. Waddell (UMKC), Candace M. Schlein (UMKC), Omiunota N. Ukpokodu (UMKC)


Language Development Skills in Pre-K: A Close Look at Single and Dual Language Learners

Patricia Alvarez McHatton (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), Julia T. Atiles (UMKC)


Portfolio Assessments, Good Teaching, and Teacher Identity: Studying Preservice Teacher Interaction with High-Stakes Portfolio Assessment

Connor Warner (UMKC)


Profiles of Adolescents’ Civic Attitudes in 16 Countries: Examining Changes from 1999 to 2009

Carolyn E. Barber (UMKC), Jessica Ross (UMKC)


Profiles of School and Classroom Climates for Civic Education: A Cross-National Analysis

Carolyn E. Barber (UMKC), Gary Homana (Towson University), Judith V. Torney-Purta (University of Maryland – College Park)


Promoting Social Justice in Black Education

Donna M. Davis (UMKC)


Storytelling in Refugee Families: Children’s Perception of (Dis)Connected Home and School Cultures

Ekaterina Strekalova-Hughes (UMKC), X. Christine Wang (SUNY – Buffalo)


Student Voice, Social Justice, and Safe Spaces: An Online Literary Magazine for Urban Students

Donna M. Davis (UMKC), Shirley M. McCarther (UMKC)


They Have Verve: Profiles of Preservice Teachers’ Insights About Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Kindel T. Nash (UMKC)


Transition to Kindergarten: Predictors and Practices

Julia T. Atiles (UMKC)


“We Are Not Saved”: The Devaluing of Black Male Bodies in an Urban High School

Loyce E. Caruthers (UMKC)


For more information, visit the AERA website.