SOE’s Master of Art in Counseling and Guidance earns acceditation

The UMKC School of Education’s Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance Program (covering the emphases of Couples and Family, Mental Health, and School Counseling) this year earned accreditation by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) for a ten year period; only one of six counseling programs at five institutions of higher education in the United States so accredited.  The process leading to accreditation entailed a voluntary assessment of the program’s resources, objectives, strengths, and limitations begun in 2013.

“It was important to us as a program that we undertake this self-evaluation,” asserts Chris Brown, Ph.D., division chair and professor, “because when a program is accredited, students, graduates, employers and other stakeholders have confidence that the academic program has met quality standards and promotes excellence in the preparation of counseling professionals to deliver culturally responsive services. In essence, we are demonstrating our desire to be held accountable for our educational goals and objectives, and the preparation of competent counseling professionals.”

The mission of the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) is to accredit academic programs in psychology and counseling, which promote training in the scientific practice of professional psychology and counseling at the master’s level. Although programs may vary in the models of training and professional development utilized, a commitment to science-based training in all aspects of psychology and counseling is emphasized. Also, of utmost importance, is the goal of providing services that are culturally responsive to the people who receive professional services and the public at large.