Kansas Licensure

The process outlined here is for students who have completed their academic program in teacher education, counseling, or K-12 school administration and are wishing to apply to Kansas for licensure. You will need to complete the appropriate grade-level Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching exam for the state of Kansas.

  1. Start by going to: http://www.ksde.org/. Under “Teaching & Learning” find and click on “Educator Licensure“.
  2. Click on “License Applications” found under Licensure.
  3. Locate the “Fingerprint Card Order Form“. Complete the form and click “Submit“.
  4. Locate “Form 2 – Initial Out-of-State Application” and print it off.
  5. From the Initial Out-of-State application you will need to complete Form 2 and 2A.
  6. Send the completed Form 2A to our Certification Manger in Student Services office and indicate if you want it mailed to you or sent electronically to KSDE.
  7. Follow the remaining directions on Form 2. Make sure to include a copy of your Missouri Teaching License, Missouri Content Assessment scores, and the application fee into one envelope. Then mail all information to the address provided on the form.

Kansas requires that you have your Missouri teaching license first BEFORE you send your application for Kansas so anticipate the delay in processing. The turnaround time varies based upon the volume of applications received. Our certification manager will mail a copy of all certification paperwork for your records.