Field Experiences

All field experiences and student teaching placements are assigned in one of our nine partner school districts. The School of Education is required to document all student practicums and student teaching experiences. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) along with our district partners require that students provide documentation to show completion of all required clearances before the student enters the classroom.

Step One: Complete the Field Experience Application Form:

You will need to complete the Field Experience Application Form. You will need to return this form to the Student Services office in room 129 School of Education.

Step Two: Please review the list of options below and choose the type that applies to your requirements:

What is required of me for a practicum of 10 or less hours?

What is required of me for a practicum of 10 or more hours?

  • Complete the VECHS background clearance by going to or call 1-877-862-2425.
  • Be prepared to provide registration number 6692 for the University of Missouri – Kansas City.
  • Once you are registered contact Student Services at 816-235-2761 to setup a time to be fingerprinted.

What is required of me for entering my student teaching year?

Note: If you are an educator, substitute teacher, or student teacher, your fingerprint information will be recorded automatically on your profile page in the online Educator Certification System. Results of fingerprints are generally reported to the Educator Certification within 2-3 weeks from the date of appointment.