Teacher Certification

Congratulations!  You are on your way to becoming a certified teacher.  It is important to us that your curriculum is rigorous and your professional and field experiences are fulfilling as you begin your career as a teacher! As you prepare, be sure to read through the information below to ensure that you are track.

Most of the information below will also be available to you through the Teacher Education Student Handbook. Contact the staff in Student Services if you need further assistance.

Advising Guidelines
All degree and certification programs have an Advising Guideline, or detailed outline of every course needed to meet degree and certification requirements, and the order in which to enroll in each of them. It is important that you follow your specific guideline in order to stay on track to graduation.

Admission to Teacher Education
The Teacher Education (TE) Professional Program is the final 1-2 years of student’s teacher certification program. Undergraduate students who have been admitted to UMKC as an education major and have completed all required coursework are ready to apply to the TE Professional Program.

Testing Requirements
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has initiated a comprehensive approach to assessing teacher candidates known as the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA). The following will be all the exams you will need to complete toward your certification. See your academic advisor to see when you need to complete the following exams.

Field Experience, Including Student Teaching
To become a certified teacher, students must successfully complete various field experiences, including student teaching. Student teaching, a semester-long experience, occurs at the end of the program after all coursework has been completed. The School of Education places teacher candidates in a school within of one of our nine partner school districts and, for this to happen, qualified students are to notify School of Education  Student Services one full semester before placement is to begin.

Certification Information
Once a student completes the approved courses for each certification area sought, student teaching requirements, and the national tests for teacher certification, the School of Education will recommend her/him to become certified to teach. Graduating students must submit an application for certification and the applications are processed once all grades/degrees are included on the UMKC transcript.