Substituting family time for homework?

homework boy

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A Texas elementary teacher’s note to parents about her ‘no homework’ policy has gone viral, capturing the attention of parents and educators alike in the Kansas City area.


According to Jennifer Waddell, Ph.D., UMKC’s general education program coordinator and associate professor in the division of Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies within the School of Education, “while research is inconclusive regarding the benefits of traditional homework, it has shown that homework has greater benefit in middle and high school than elementary school.  In the elementary years, reading, and authentic experiences and conversations with your child(ren) are more impactful than traditional homework.”


Other thoughts:

  • Educators should not assign homework “for the sake of homework”.
  • Homework should be authentic, reinforcing and should not cut unnecessarily into family time and extra-curricular activities.
  • Homework should never rely on the assistance of an adult, and should be at the student’s work and interest level.
  • Homework should ignite a student’s love of learning and enforce skills.

The UMKC School of Education’s position on homework was cited in a recent news broadcast on KMBC Channel 9.