Turner Nash discusses the how and why of educating students in handwriting

UMKC School of Education assistant professor of Urban Teacher Education/Language & Literacy, Kindel Turner Nash, Ph.D., appeared as a guest on KCUR’s (89.3 FM) Central Standard program, “Teaching Handwriting in the 21st Century”.  During the live mid-January program, Turner Nash explained that while handwriting is not being taught as explicitly as it once was, the “research is clear that computers and keyboarding do not and should not replace traditional handwriting instruction whether it be manuscript or cursive.”  She points to the fact that handwriting instruction leads students to be better “composers” who can write at a more complex level.  Her own approach in training teachers is to take a balanced approach to literacy—“focusing on digital literacy but also on handwriting.” Listen to the 11-minute segment in its entirety.