Winter break your way

Registration via Pathway is now open for new students who wish to experience a course in the UMKC School of Education’s accelerated Winter Session.  Winter Session is open to all students from other universities, adult professionals and life-long learners in addition to current UMKC students, offering students high-demand courses in a month-long intensive format.  Courses are online and run from December 27, 2016 – January 13, 2017.



EDCP 492 (Class No. 18073) – 3 credits

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of development during adolescent years.  We will examine various aspects of physiological, emotional, cognitive, social and moral development in adolescence.   Attention is focused on a conception of adolescence that is grounded on current research and theory.  Topics include influences on adolescent development by family, peers, schooling a255a2455nd culture.  This course also provides information about adolescent sexuality, issues in teen development, mental health and prevention programs.



EDCP 493 (Class No. 18074) – 3 credits

How do we learn and how can modern educational settings harness recent innovations about the essence of human learning?  Educational Psychology provides an introduction to psychological research, theory and practice as it relates to learning and instruction.  We will explore the multitude of ways that the impact of individual, cultural and contextual differences have on learning and the neural basis of learning. We also will explore assessment, creativity and problem solving situations.  Course assignments are designed to enable students to analyze, construct and apply educational psychology concepts in real world applications.


Winter Session courses are offered at a discounted rate through the School of Education’s Continuing and Professional Education and charged to spring tuition statements.


Questions may be directed to 816-235-1188.