Optimize your understanding of reading and literacy strategies for PK-12 classrooms.

Ed.S. in Language and Literacy

The Ed. S in Language and Literacy is a program geared towards PK-12 teachers who already have a master’s degree and have a special interest in language, literacy, and reading education. Graduates of this program will know how to organize and guide literacy programs that significantly improve the level of student reading/literacy achievement.


  • Bachelor Degree w/ 3.0 GPA & Teaching Certificate
  • 2 years teaching experience

What will the program look like?

Teachers with an Ed. Spec in Language and Literacy will meet the qualifications for the DESE Special Reading Certificate and will be fully qualified to be literacy leaders in their respective schools and districts. This program, offering cutting edge learning theory about the teaching of literacy and a variety of school contexts, attracts a wide variety of teachers and grade levels from the greater metropolitan Kansas City area. The program includes about 36 hours of coursework.