K-12 Education


Degree Overview

The K-12 Education program prepares teacher candidates to teach in their subject area. The program places student teachers in one of our nine partner schools districts and emphasis is on teaching within urban diverse settings.


Certification Areas


Who benefits from this degree?

Students that come out of our Teacher Education program are prepared to teach in any school with diverse student populations and backgrounds in public classrooms. Our program is accredited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) which allows you to have the endorsement from the School of Education for any state certification. You will have the opportunity through our program to interview with districts in the Metropolitan Kansas City area and the help of Career Services for the transition in finding a position.


What will the program look like?


Incoming freshmen will complete between 120-138 credit hours depending on the area you want to teach. Students who take 15-17 hours can complete the degree in 4 years and will be able to apply for their Missouri state certification. You can find a detailed four-year course outline through our Major Maps which gives you a road map to the program requirements necessary for graduation and certification.


The School of Education welcomes all transfer students who are interested in pursuing their teacher certification. Generally the program takes between 2-3 years to complete depending on the number of transferring courses and your certification area. You can find all the requirements for the program in our advising guidelines.


Students will complete general education, subject-area, and pre-education classes in preparation for the Professional year. The Professional year is the last year of you program where you will be required to spend time within our 9 partner school districts. Our program focuses on the challenges and rewards in urban education, preparing you to teach in a variety of settings. In the very last semester you will be prepared to take full-charge of a classroom in which you will be responsible for the education of your students throughout the semester.