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Our program focuses on the challenges and rewards of middle and high schools, preparing you to successfully teach students who are at a crucial age in their development.

Middle School and Secondary Education

The Middle School Education Program offers certifications to teach grades 5-9, while the Secondary Education program offers certification for grades 9-12.

What will the program look like?

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Middle School Education with Middle School Certification in the following areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Science and Science.

We also offer a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with High School Certification in the following areas: English, Mathematics, Social Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics and Unified Science.

Who benefits from this degree?

  • You will benefit: Students who come out of our Teacher Education program are prepared to teach in any school with diverse student populations and backgrounds in public classrooms. After graduation, you will have the opportunity to interview with districts in the Metro area and have the full resources of our school at your disposal.
  • The students will benefit: From the first day, you will be trained to teach with diverse populations. By the end of the first year, you will be prepared to take charge of a classroom, providing your students a high-caliber education throughout the semester.
  • The community will benefit: Our program is a partnership that helps you understand the strengths and the needs of the community and how to build your own partnerships in the classroom.

We are no longer accepting applications from incoming freshmen into these programs. Incoming transfer students and current UMKC students: Contact the School of Education to speak with an advisor; we will continue accepting students into the Professional Middle and Secondary BA programs if they meet all professional requirements by Fall 2020.