Shaping your own academic journey is exhilarating and exciting, but it can also present a lot of questions about at affordability. At UMKC, we have several options for students when it comes to paying for your education.

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

At the UMKC School of Education, you may be eligible for scholarships set aside specifically for our undergraduate and graduate students. More than 40 different types of scholarships are awarded each year to significantly help our students pursue their goals.

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Loan Forgiveness

There are several options for teachers and public service employees when it comes to loan forgiveness. Here we break down the different loan forgiveness programs, including the types of loans and specific qualifications.

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Financial Aid

Besides scholarships, federal student loans and grants are another option to help pay for your education. In order to determine the types and amount of federal aid you qualify for, you must fill out your Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year.

UMKC school code: 002518
UMKC priority deadline: March 1

To learn more about the different types of financial aid and how to apply for and accept your financial rewards, check out our UMKC Financial Aid and Scholarships site.

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