Substitute Certificate

Students with 60+ credit hours from an accredited college can apply for a substitute teaching certificate. UMKC Students who are entering in their student teaching experience are required to have a valid substitute teaching certificate.

  1. Start by going to:  (Make sure to have pop-up blockers turned off to access the website.)
  2. In the middle of the page click on “Web Applications“.
  3. Enter your DESE User Name and Password and click “Login“. If you have not established your DESE Profile you need to do that first.
  4. Under the heading “DESE Web Applications“, click on “Educator Certification System“.
  5. Click on the third triangle for “3) Applications“.
  6. Click on the second triangle for “Substitute Cert.“.
  7. Print the substitute application checklist that pops-up in a new window, than hit “Close“.
  8. On the application, fill out the Professional Conduct Information. All questions will need to be completed.
  9. Select “Content Substitute” for Type of Application. This is the option for all substitute teaching certificates.
  10. Read the Sworn Statement.
  11. Check “I accept” for the Release of Educational Information.
  12. Click “Submit to DESE“.
  13. You have finished your application and may now log out of the system.
  14. You will now need to follow the steps on the application checklist (pop-up window).
  15. You will need to have an updated FBI Background check for DESE on file. If it has been more than 12 months since the last check you will need to complete another one.
    • DESE will not process a substitute certificate until you have submitted original transcripts in sealed envelopes from all institutions you have attended and have been able to verify at least 60 completed credit hours.
    • There are two ways to obtain your official transcript. You can go to the Registrar’s office in the Administrative Center and request an official transcript be mailed to DESE or you can log into Pathway, go to your “self service” tab, and then click ‘academic records’ ‘request transcript’, and ‘official transcript’. There is a $10.00 charge for your transcript. If you go to the Registrar’s office in person, they will accept check or money order. Requesting a transcript online requires a credit card.
    • All required documentation should be mailed to Educator Certification, PO Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480. Any information sent to the Department should include a name and either a Social Security Number or Educator ID number.

A processing fee of $50 is required. The fee will be paid at the time the application is submitted online. Fees may be paid by credit or debit card or by e-check. All processing fees are non-refundable. All required documentation must be received within 90 days of receipt of application. After 90 days, the application will be purged due to inactivity and a new application must be submitted. All documentation submitted to the department becomes property of the department and will not be returned. For additional questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.