UMKC Charter School Center Scholarships


UMKC Charter School Center Scholarships

The UMKC Scholarship Program is not accepting applicants for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Through a collaborative initiative facilitated by the Continuing and Professional Education office, individuals who are employed by an UMKC Charter School seeking advanced studies in division programs are eligible to apply for a UMKC Charter School Center (CSC) scholarship. There are conditions and criteria set by the University, School of Education, Charter School Center and the employer school district in which the individual will agree and commit to. Individuals become UMKC students with all rights, privileges and responsibilities. Individuals who enter this scholarship program understand that the CSC has a limited role, one that is financial in nature. This nature is designed to assist graduate students with courses in university study. For scholarship recipients, the CSC grants monies for one course per term as determined by the cohort’s program of study (not negotiated at the individual student level). All other financial responsibility falls onto the individual or other parties. To learn more about other School of Education Scholarships/Financial Aid click here.




Charter School Scholarship Application Process:

Step 1: Review the Charter School Scholarship requirements criteria, conditions and processes by clicking on the proceed to application button below.


Step 2: Apply to the Graduate School via the Admissions page


Step 3: Apply to the division Graduate Program.  You may learn more about the academic programs by visiting For any questions about the division Graduate Program application process the division contact information can be found on their homepage.


Step 4: Fill out the Charter School Scholarship application which can be found at out the Charter School Scholarship does not guarantee acceptance into the Graduate Program.



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