Arthur (Gus) Jacob
Adjunct Instructor and KC-Plus PartnershipCoordinator


After 23 years as a Teaching Professor in the division of Education Leadership, Policy & Foundations, Gus is now the coordinator of the KC PLUS (Preparing Leaders for Urban Schools) program.  KC PLUS is a selective aspiring principals program that puts UMKC students in schools for a two year residency in school administration focused primarily on urban schools and districts.  Upon completion of a Master’s or Specialist’s degree the individuals involved in KC PLUS will graduate with a degree in school administration and two years’ experience as a school administrator.  The residency in school administration is intentionally designed to be similar to the medical model in preparing doctors.  The program also focuses on building valuable working relationships with schools and school districts in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Gus has the responsibility of leading the KC PLUS initiative, identifying future residents, developing partnerships with school districts, and supporting the work of the KC PLUS Leadership Coaches.

The UMKC School of Education is excited to have the KC PLUS program as a part of its portfolio for preparing urban educators.  It gives UMKC graduates the extended practical experience while they are still in graduate school.  KC PLUS graduates start their first administrative position with two years of experience already completed.  This is a unique feature of the UMKC preparation experience that is different than other graduate schools in this region.


Ed.D., Education, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Kansas

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