Dyslexia Mandate Session – Elementary Focus – Train the Trainer Model

Date(s) - 08/11/21
8:30 am - 11:30 am


LEA Guidance for Serving Students At Risk for Dyslexia beginning in 2018-19 and subsequent years “Practicing-teacher assistance programs (RSMo 168.400) shall offer two hours of in-service training provided by each district for all practicing teachers regarding dyslexia & related disorders.”

This session is a 3 hour train the trainer session. Participants will participate in a dyslexia simulation, address common myths about Dyselxia, gain an understanding of the screening mandate and leave with a 2 hour presentation that can used to provide school based inservice for dyslexia and related reading concerns at the elementary level. Secondary practitioners are welcome to attend however, presentation may need to be modified prior to presenting.

** Please bring a fully charged laptop, flash drive, or ability to receive shared google documents and presentations
Cost: $100 per participant, 20% off discount with paid 2021-22 membership.
Contact Cindy Hedrick for membership information.

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