MTDS Developing Level II: Teacher Academy Graduates 2021-2022

Date(s) - 08/11/21 - 04/27/22
8:30 am - 3:30 pm


This program offers support for mid-career teachers. Developing II begins with a statewide kick-off event featuring national expert John Antonetti!

Developing II is part of the Missouri Teacher Development System ( and is open to any teacher who has:
* completed Developing I: Teacher Academy
* a strong desire for continuous professional improvement

This opportunity provides:
* access to experts: State Kick-off event with national expert John Antonetti
* a copy John’s book: Rigorous Task Design
* consultant support
* networking with other teachers
* competency-based programming

Developing II emphasizes the following MTDS Competencies

-Reflective Learner: Engages in On-Going Reflective Practice (Reflects on, in, and for practice, focusing
on: (a) directing future instruction by reflecting; and (b) monitoring progress, evaluating results, and
adjusting instruction based on the use of action research and student growth data)

-Instructional Designer: Develops Research-Based Instruction (Develops innovative instruction based on conducting and using action research that: (a) emphasizes essential concepts of content; (b) uses supplementary primary sources; (c) connects to student experience and culture; (d) meets the unique needs of diverse learners; and/or promotes student inquiry and interdisciplinary approaches)

-Professional: Understands & Promotes the Profession (Gains awareness of the larger professional community, including regional, state, national, and global professional educational communities and governmental bodies that impact the profession; and revises personal philosophy of teaching)

You must register separately for the Statewide meeting by September 16, 2021.

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