Restorative Practices Basic Training-VIRTUAL (2-Day)

Date(s) - 10/05/20 - 10/06/20
9:30 am - 3:30 pm


This comprehensive Basic training in Restorative Practices is a 10-hour training, conducted in a series of four 2-1/2 hour “modules” over two full days (morning and afternoon sessions each day). This highly interactive virtual training opportunity is conducted in real time over WebEx. These four modules provide the necessary information for establishing the conditions for developing and nurturing a culture based on high quality relationships among all school community members and positive community building that is trauma-free. This is accomplished by focusing not on rules broken and punitive consequences but rather on the harms done and providing appropriate restorative consequences and the systems that are necessary to repair and support strong relationships among all school community members (students and adults). Working restoratively is a social/relational rather than a behaviorist model. Embracing restorative practices is not a program but rather a way of thinking, being and operating in the day-to-day. The training includes concrete and practical strategies for establishing the appropriate classroom and school-based routines as well as conducting circles and conferences in primary prevention as well as intervention contexts.

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