SW-PBS Tier 2 Advanced-Gerner

Date(s) - 10/18/18 - 02/26/19
12:00 am

UMKC at Union Station


By Invitation Only MO SW-PBS Tier 2 Advanced
This training will consist of 3 days throughout the school year & is designed for schools who have completed Tier 2 training & have implemented their initial function-based intervention for students at-risk, Check In/Check Out (CICO).Tier 2 Advanced training will offer teams additional function-based interventions for their school settings. Session 1–This session will review T2 Systems including data decision rules, the Advanced Tier Spreadsheet as well as current implementation of CICO in buildings. Session 2 & 3–Teams work toward the implementation of Small Group Social Skills (SGSS), a research based intervention. Key aspects of the training include identification of appropriate candidates for asocial skills intervention, assessment of skill deficits, curriculum & program design, how to effectively teach a social skills lesson, & techniques for monitoring student progress during the intervention.In addition, several strategies for promoting generalization & maintenance also will be provided. Session 4–Two additional interventions will be shared at this session. Check & Connect (C&C) & Self-Monitoring. C&C is designed to enhance student engagement with school & learning, promote student competence & provide persistent support for academic and behavioral standards & expectations. Key aspects of the training include understanding the Check & Connect Intervention, design a program contextually relevant for your school, designing and implementing a program for participant schools, delivering implementation training to school-level stakeholders (staff, piloting teachers, students, and families), monitoring student progress, & evaluating program outcomes. Self-students K-adult & is effective as a classroom system of behavior management. Self-monitoring maybe used with academic & behavior skills. Missouri Teacher Standards: Standard 5:Positive Classroom Environment Standard 2:Student Learning Growth & Development Standard 7:Student Assessment and Data Analysis

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