SWPBS Regional Tier 2

Date(s) - 08/30/18 - 01/31/19
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

UMKC at Union Station


By Invitation Only
This training will consist of 4 days throughout the school year and is designed for schools new to Tier 2.

Session 1–This session is designed for schools new to tier 2. Will focus on foundational knowledge including review of SW-PBS, key features of Tier 2 systems, intensifying supports for student at-risk, confirming readiness for Tier 2 at the school level, review of MO SW-PBS Decision Making Model,establishing a Tier 2 Specialized Behavior Support Team, mapping out a Tier 2 Action Plan, evaluating existing systems for addressing emotional and behavioral needs of students, developing a communication plan, and planning for effective Tier 2 meetings.

Session 2–Builds on the systems knowledge from session 1, preparing the teams to implement a function-based intervention for students at-risk. Specific learning in this session includes developing a data-based process for student identification, ensuring efficient and effective gathering and review of data, selecting appropriate function-based intervention, monitoring student response to intervention, and making decisions about student response based on progress monitoring data.

Sessions 3 & 4-Teams work toward implementation of The Behavior Education Program:Check-in/Check-out (CICO), a research-based intervention. Clear entry and exit criteria are established for the CICO intervention, and data to be collected for progress monitoring is identified. Specific learner outcomes include: identifying implementation components of CICO, describing students most likely to benefit from this intervention, explore research associated with CICO, designing and implementing a CICO program for participant schools, delivering implementation training to school-level stakeholders(staff, piloting teachers, students, and families).

Missouri Teacher Standards: #5:Positive Classroom Environment, #2:Student Learning Growth and Development, #7:Student Assessment and Data Analysis

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