Berkley enrolls children of UMKC employees, students, and the community. We offer full day twelve month a year early care and education.

Get Started

Call Berkley at 816-235-2600 to schedule a tour of our program.  You will be given a waiting pool application during your tour or you may ask for an application card to be mailed to you along with a brochure or simply download the waiting pool application to print, and print the brochure found on the tab to the right side of this page.  To become active in our waiting pool you must first return your application card and application fee.  For families receiving MO DSS subsidy, the application fee is waived but you must return your application card.  Upon receipt of your application card, we enter your name into our waiting pool database and email you a receipt.  Be sure to include your email on your application card. We strongly encourage you to schedule a tour of our program.  You receive much more detailed information and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

caregiver and child play together in park

How does the waiting pool and enrollment work?

Once an opening for enrollment occurs, we immediately look at the waiting pool.  When a classroom spot becomes available we work with established guidelines; siblings and applicants who qualify for MO DSS subsidy (UMKC affiliate or community) have priority.  We also take into consideration diversity, age and gender distribution and time in the waiting pool.  As a result of the application process, we are unable to “number” our applicants.  Until an actual opening occurs for your child, we are unable to give a definite time frame for enrollment.

The majority of our enrollment occurs in the fall.  However, people occasionally make life-changing decisions that affect their enrollment at Berkley CFDC (e. g. moving).  Life changes can result in an unanticipated opening for a child.  As a result, we encourage you to join our waiting pool as soon as you become interested in our program.

We enroll the infants as a group in the fall.  We believe in creating a strong community between the children, teachers, and families.  Therefore, the classroom of children and teachers remain as a unit for the next two years.  When a spot in the infant/toddler rooms becomes available, we immediately look at the waiting pool.

When the children move to the preschool program, ratios of children to teachers increase, thus more openings in our program become available.  The ratios for two-year olds turning three are 7:1 and the ratios for children three years and older are 9:1, thus increasing the possibility of enrollment.  Therefore, we encourage you to remain in the waiting pool as your child grows.

Tuition is assessed according to each classroom and or department.

Details on Enrollment

Upon enrollment, we assess a non-refundable registration and insurance fee. Families pay annual enrollment and insurance fees thereafter. Two-week advance payment of tuition is required at admission as a deposit. We refund the deposit when your child leaves the program by applying it to your last month`s tuition payment, provided families meet all of the terms of the contract. The deposit amount depends upon the classroom in which the child is enrolled. Families pay monthly tuition in advance. Each fiscal year a new payment schedule is available from the center.

  • We assess late fees for each 5 minutes past the scheduled 6:00 p.m. closing or past the one-hour deadline for sick child pick up. Late fees are paid in cash.
  • Early departure without a four – week written notice results in forfeiture of deposit.
  • We assess fees regardless of whether or not a child attends.
  • After a five-day grace period, we assess a five-dollar per day late fee for late tuition payments.
  • Families must provide written notice of withdrawal from the center four weeks in advance. The deposit is refunded after the last day of attendance.

Tuition for the 2021-2022 School Year

Infant (full day):
$1,339.26 monthly

Toddlers (full day):
$1,339.26 monthly

Young Pre-primary  (full day):
$987.00 monthly

Pre-primary (full day):
$905.00 monthly