Community Counseling and Assessment Services (CCAS) provides evaluations for a wide range of psychological and educational difficulties.

Comprehensive testing services are available for children, adolescents, and adults in need of psychological and/or educational assessment.

Potential clients for these types of assessments may experience difficulties in the following areas.

  • Low grades in school
  • Paying attention or following directions
  • Experiencing conflict at home
  • Getting along with peers

In these cases, assessment is necessary to determine whether learning, attention deficit, emotional, or behavioral disorders are present.

Affordable Services

CCAS provides services to children and adults in the Kansas City area that do not have other access to health insurance or other healthcare resources. The sliding scale fee structure is among the lowest in the area, and all assessments include written recommendations for intervention in the school, at home, and with other involved mental health agencies.

Assessment of Children, Adolescents, & Adults

Assessment identifies specific disorders or issues and will often help schools and therapists to deliver appropriate interventions. Testing can help identify relatively common difficulties that may otherwise go undiagnosed and untreated such as depression, anxiety, mood or anger issues, learning disorders, and ADHD. Children do not tend to “grow out of” these problems, and symptoms can become more severe as the child grows older.

CCAS reports all results in a caring, thorough, and confidential manner. Specific intervention recommendations are made to the family, school, and other involved healthcare providers.

Contact Us

CCAS office hours vary each semester. For more information, to contact us, and to set-up an appointment, call 816-235-2725.