The Institute for Urban Education is a supplemental urban teacher preparation and support program. Students in the IUE participate in co-curricular activities that enhance their teacher preparation, specifically focusing on preparation for teaching in Kansas City urban schools.

Co-Curricular activities include Social Justice Seminars, Cohort Dinners, Community Projects, Early Field Experiences and Teaching Internships, and Alumni Connections.

 Students seeking teacher certification in the IUE receive their degree from the School of Education’s division of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies. Students in the IUE participate in co-curricular experiences that enhance their preparation for teaching in urban schools. These experiences include increased time in urban schools and communities, urban education seminars that focus on issues of social justice and educational equity, alumni connections and cohort experiences.

Additionally, to support students in this rigorous program and to increase the likelihood that graduates would teach in Kansas City urban schools, IUE students receive scholarships to partially fund their education. The larger the scholarship, the more the student can focus on teacher preparation rather than meeting the financial needs of self and family. In exchange for this financial support, IUE graduates commit to teaching for a minimum of four years in a Kansas City urban partner school.

As demonstrated beginning with its first set of graduates in 2009, the IUE has produced remarkable results among its graduates, benefiting thousands of students across the bi-state region. The IUE has established itself as the first “go to” program Kansas City urban school districts look to when hiring new teachers. However, to meet this demand, the number of teachers graduating from the IUE must increase dramatically. Due to its success in preparing teachers, the IUE is also being called upon to meet needs of districts that are beyond initial teacher preparation.