School of Education faculty, staff, alumni and students among those presenting at AERA

The annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) will be April 27-May 1 in San Antonio and is centered around the theme of “Knowledge to Action: Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity.”  The AERA annual meeting is the largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research, showcasing ground-breaking, innovative studies in a diverse array of areas—from early education through higher education, from digital learning to second language literacy.


UMKC School of Education faculty, staff, alumni and students (in bold, below) are among those presenting:


Greim, R., & Friend, J. (2017, April). Perceptions of Climate of NCAA Division I Athletic Departments by LGBT and Non-LGBT Student-Athletes.


Johnson, K. & Friend, J.  (2017, April). “Invisible Life in the Academy: Experiences of African American Women Staff in Higher Education”


Hollins, E., Bell, C. V., & Warner, C. (March 2017). Redesigning preservice teacher preparation:  Meeting new demands for accountability.  Session accepted for the 69th Annual Meeting of American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Tampa, FL.


Maher, M. A., Roksa, J., & Custer, S. (2017, April). Exploring URM students’ paths to the biomedical science Ph.D.


Nash, K. (April 2017).  High Leverage Early Literacy Practices in Urban Schools.


Nash, K. (April 2017).  High Leverage Early Literacy Practices in Urban Schools (with Dr. Etta Hollins and Ms. Leah Panther).


Peterman, N. (April 2017).  AERA Symposium “Consuming identities: Identity and agency in adolescent transactions with branded young adult literature”.  Symposium title: “Critically Engaging with Children’s and Young Adult Literature by, about, and with Latinas/os”.


Schlein, C., Friend, J., & Caruthers, L. (2017, April). Suppressed curriculum histories and emerging futures of desegregation: Experiences of African American educators and students.


Schlein, C., & Taft, J. R. (2017, April). Intercultural competence at the intersection of culture and behavior in social studies classrooms.


Schlein, C., Ukpokodu, O., & Waddell, J. (2017, April). An exploration of exemplar educators in diverse and urban schools.


Strekalova-Hughes, E., & Wang, X. C. (2017, April). Image of refugees in children’s literature: A content analysis.


Taft, R. J., Barger, R., & Lee, D. (2017, April). Observations from the Field on Behavior Intervention Support Team.


Wang, X. C., & Strekalova-Hughes, E. (2017, April). “I don’t want sad stories!”: Refugee families’ storytelling with young children.


Warner, C., Hollins, E., & Bell, C. V. (April 2017). Leveraging reform mandates for program improvement: Developing transparency, cohesion, and shared ownership in an urban teacher preparation program. Poster.


Wilson, J., & Caruthers, L. (2017, April). Jigsaw giftedness: A multifaceted approach to support African American males.


Wilson, J., & Caruthers, L. (2017, April). Invictus Minds: A critical heuristic case study of giftedness in African American males.


Wofford, A., Maher, M. A., Roksa, J., & Feldon, D. F. (2017, April). The early emergence of doctoral student attrition: Perspectives on early departure in the biomedical sciences.