Student-sponsored organizations allow our students to enhance their academic experiences through leadership roles and meaningful experiences in their chosen career fields and areas of study.

Student Government

The SOESG is a group of student representatives from the School of Education who want to help make a difference in your college experience! The officers strive to expand the students’ academic concerns and abilities; promote student involvement in the SOE and the University; act on all matters concerning students’ welfare; aid faculty and students in cooperative work; and to promote a professional attitude and feeling of responsibility.

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APA Student Affiliates of Seventeen

This group encourages professional development within the field of Counseling Psychology for any UMKC student interested in such. It also serves as a meeting time for the members to discuss issues and concerns of the UMKC Counseling Psychology doctoral program. It encourages students to organize educational, social and fund-raising events, and to act as a liaison with the counseling psychology faculty and the UMKC community.

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Higher Education Student Association

HESA’s mission is to further the understanding of the purpose and practice of higher education. Student members meet regularly throughout the semester to discuss issues, provide opportunities to explore various areas of higher education, professional development and socialize with faculty and students in the higher education program.

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Master’s of Counseling Student Association

A student organization for students pursuing their Master’s in Counseling and Guidance. Serves as a source of support and advocacy for those in the program. In addition to seminars and social events, MCSA has a student mentorship program. For more information, email